BAANYA BIAMI, meaning Camp of Great Spirit, is a name remembered by thousands of children in Victoria as a place of Adventure since the 1980s. In 2013, Jeffrey Brook purchased the camp to create a Place of Purpose for people to reconnect with the bush and so reconnect with themselves.

Located in a tranquil valley adjacent to the Brisbane Ranges National Park, Baanya Biami is 150 acres of bushland with Reilleys Creek flowing though. The accommodation and facilities are unique in their design with their construction over the decades honouring the environment around them.

Bridges over the creek lead people on a gentle meander further into the bush where creek flats, bush spurs and the extraordinary gentleness of the bush awaits to be discovered. Longer hikes into the Brisbane Ranges are possible from Baanya Biami.

Baanya Biami has a gentleness which is felt by all those who visit. It is a place to disconnect from the fast pace of life and technology. It is a place to reconnect with our Earth, the bush, each other and ourselves.