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The facilities of Baanya Biami have all been constructed over the decades with the environment in mind - from specially designed concrete cabins built into the hillside to locally sourced timbers and mudbrick for construction. Recent renovations have brought a modern versatility to the facilities.

Kitchen & Dining Hall

The kitchen and dining hall is fully equipped as a commercial kitchen with indoor and outdoor seating for eating. Meals are self catered.

Function Hall

We have a wonderful Function Hall purposely renovated with functions in mind. The hall is nestled in the bush with stunning views over the bush, rock wall and creek. Inside you will find a large area for gathering and a dance floor, with state-of-the-art AV equipment built in for sound and visuals.

Meeting Hall

The meeting hall is a beautiful versatile space which can be separated into two smaller rooms with a concertina wall. Chairs and tables can be brought in creating a classroom with abundant natural light and views of the bush, or the hall can be left empty for meditation or yoga type retreats.

Outdoor Spaces

There are many beautiful outdoor spaces throughout Baanya Biami.